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Babylonian Femme Fatales

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Babylonian Femme Fatales COLLECTION

This mystical artwork is a collection of enigmatic portraits by Val Frimon. The concept is that there is a lost gallery of ancient portraits of mysterious Babylonian female figures , suddenly discovered and revealed to a closed circle of connoisseurs. Each portrait is revered with awe and with a strange feeling of dark attraction.
These are exotic dark Femme Fatales of the ancient Babylon, mysterious and dangerous women, witches, queens, lovers and sibyls, dark ladies each with her own ancient strange story or myth, lost in time, forgotten in the ancient dust of centuries.
Fatal dark beauties, immortalized in a gallery of enigmatic portraits.

  • SEMIRAMIS – The Dangerous Queen

The name and character of the title of each portrait, is real Babylonian, connected with a real strange history, challenging for research.

  • 1. NINISINNA Venom Spitter
  • 2. NANAYA Huntress of Souls
  • 3. SEMIRAMIS The Dangerous Queen
  • 4. SYRELLA Prophetess of the Dark Gods
  • 5. SAHURATTU Deathly Silence
  • 6. NITOCRIS Queen of Mystery
  • 7. BYBLIS The Mad Lover