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High Priestess

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This imaginary artwork is a conceptual collection by Val Frimon, presenting the mystical visions of High Priestesses of a fantastic Sisterhood of Oracles, in dreaming states of a symbolic logic. They are explorers of an etheric realm approached through magical portals of altered states of consciousness, and they possess the secret knowledge of dreams, prophecy, future and destiny, healing and astral projection.

  • 07- ATROPON – The Destiny (High Priestess)
  • 06- LARANIN – The Dreamer (High Priestess)
  • 01- ELALALAR – The Navigatress (High Priestess)
  • 03- ASASASAR – The Conductress (High Priestess)
  • 04- RIONELE – The Healer (High Priestess)
  • 05- ELDINE – The Shape Shiftress (High Priestess)
  • 02- OYARSIR – The Futurologist (High Priestess)

Each High Priestess has a secret name which they obtained in the realms of dreams, in the magical dream language, and each High Priestess has a role and a mission in the sisterhood of Oracles, representing the skills of their unfolding sacred inner selves.

  • 1. ELALALAR The Navigatress
  • 2. OYARSIR The Futurologist
  • 3. ASASASAR The Conductress
  • 4. RIONELE The Healer
  • 5. ELDINE The Shape Shiftress
  • 6. LARANIN The Dreamer
  • 7. ATROPON The Destiny