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Isis Unveiled

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The goddess Isis was the wife of Osiris, from the Ancient Egyptian Pantheon, later even Greek and Roman, she was the most loved and worshiped goddess of the ancient world.

The name Isis, means "Queen of the Throne". Isis was the Goddess of Femininity, of the Moon, of Healing, of the Dead, of the Afterlife, of Motherhood, of Mysteries.
In mystical tradition, Isis is covered by a Veil, and symbolizes the Great Secret, the Hidden Knowledge, the Occult. Isis Unveiled means the Uncovering of the Great Secret, the "Apocalypse" (Uncovering, in Greek), the Revelation, the occult teachings revealed.
Isis Unveiled is also used as a title in the legendary work of Madame Helena Blavatsky, founder of Theosophy and the Theosophical Movement.

  • 01_Isis Unveiled ~ AMUNET
  • 03_Isis Unveiled ~ HANANE
  • 05_Isis Unveiled ~ HEHET
  • 07_Isis Unveiled ~ LAYLA
  • 04_Isis Unveiled ~ NEITH
  • 06_Isis Unveiled ~ OMOROSE
  • 02_Isis Unveiled ~ RANA
  • 08_Isis Unveiled ~ ZAHRA

This series of artworks by Val Frimon, presents mystical portraits of High Priestesses of Isis, in a fantastic occult realm, (some of them are semi-goddesses), in order to reveal the meanings of an exotic mysticism as unveiled by their faces, seen for the first time, and their names, and also the aural atmosphere of each portrait.

The titles of each work are the true ancient Egyptian names of each High Priestess (from the real ancient Egyptian language and tradition).

  • 01. AMUNET (Goddess of Mystery)
  • 02. RANA (Eye-catching)
  • 03. HANANE (Mercy & Compassion)
  • 04. NEITH (Goddess of Femininity)
  • 05. ΗΕΗΕΤ (Goddess of Things Immeasurable)
  • 06. OMOROSE (Beautiful)
  • 07. LAYLA (Intoxicating)